DeepSec 2016 Schedule explained in a Series of Articles

René Pfeiffer/ September 1, 2016/ Administrivia, Conference, Schedule

We have almost finished the reviews of the submissions for DeepSec 2016. The preliminary schedule is already online. Our staff got quite some impatient requests about what to expect from the conference. Due to the sheer amount of submissions it was very difficult to review the content. We really read what you submit. We ask questions; we discuss the focus of the conference. While we try to suggest a motto when sending out the Call for Papers, we never know what the focus will be. It all depends on the presenters and trainers. Hopefully we found the right balance for all of you.

Since the schedule is a short summary we have started to compile material about every talk and workshop. The series of articles will start tomorrow. It is a good way to get to know what the presentation will be focussed on. We will try to start with the trainings, because we cannot conduct a workshop with an insufficient amount of attendees. If you are really interested in a training, please book early (and book often, of course)! Don’t forget, all trainers are skilled experts and have in-depth knowledge. Do not miss this opportunity!

Should you have further questions regarding the content, please let us know. We will relay your question and give you an answer as soon as possible.

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