DeepSec 2017 Schedule Update, Review Status, Disputes, and Trainings

René Pfeiffer/ September 26, 2017/ Administrivia, Conference, High Entropy

The DeepSec 2017 schedule is still preliminary. We are almost done, and we have a small update. Some of you have noticed that the schedule featured a training about mobile security. The outline as shown as in the schedule was identical to a different course from a different trainer. We received a complaint, we got the course materials to compare, and it turned out that only the outline of the workshop as shown online was identical, and the original table of contents was not part of the submission we received during the call for papers. The dispute has been settled. The trainer has apologised to the creator of the original table of contents. Nevertheless the trainer has asked to withdraw his submission. This means we will try to replace the slot in the schedule with a similar workshop. Stay tuned.

Please make sure that you do not use any material subject to copyright without permission. The motto of DeepSec 2017 is Science First!. This means that we want to foster the scientific method when people present their research and when they teach. Always use proper citations. Always ensure that everything you say and do can be backed up. We all have seen the presentations with images copied from search engine hits, but you have to check out the source and the legal issues before using them. This saves you and us a lot of trouble.

Thank you for observing all safety procedures. We are looking forward to see you all at DeepSec 2017!

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