DeepSec 2019 Preliminary Schedule is online

René Pfeiffer/ August 14, 2019/ Conference

Leipzig, Universität, Hörsaal, Anatomievorlesung. Source:,_Leipzig,_Universit%C3%A4t,_H%C3%B6rsaal,_Anatomievorlesung.jpg ADN-ZB Grubitzsch 22.6.81 Leipzig: Jeder 5. Student der Leipziger Karl-Marx-Universität ist Mediziner. Im Hörsaal des Anatomischen Instituts der Karl-Marx-Universität erhalten die Studenten eine Grundausbildung, u.a. bei Prof. Dr. sc. med. Gerald Leutert. An der Leipziger alma mater studieren zur Zeit mehr als 15000 junge Menschen an 20 Sektionen, neuen Instituten und im Bereich Medizin. Etwa ein Zehntel der Studenten sind Ausländer aus über 60 Ländern der Erde. (siehe 6N)We have reviewed all submissions, and we have published the preliminary schedule. It wasn’t easy to pick, because we received more submission than in the years before. Even though we start the reviews early, as soon as they arrive, it usually takes a couple of days to get to a stable version. The process is very similar to other forms of content creation with components, such as software development, or creative/technical writing. The most important fact is the preliminary schedule of DeepSec 2019. You can view it online. We are working on a new calendar export, so that you can view it on the go as well.

Some slots are still vacant. The reason is the ongoing review process, and cancellations due to conflicts regarding our speakers. We will fill the remaining slots during the next weeks. The online version of the schedule is always the correct version.

We also debugged our ticket shop. The creation of the DeepSec and DeepINTEL 2019 event introduced some bugs regarding the categories. We have fixed this. If you have any questions about the different categories, please let us know. Anyone interested in attending our trainings should book tickets as early as possible! Trainings cannot be conducted if the number of participants is below a certain threshold, because the trainer has to get to Vienna. As always, book early, and book often. It helps us a lot.

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