DeepSec 2020 preliminary Schedule published

René Pfeiffer/ August 22, 2020/ Conference

AMD Phenom Agena HD9750WCJ4BGH, source: Summer time slows down considerably. This has nothing to do with the theory of relativity. It’s just hot, people take some time off, and messaging latency significantly increases. In turn we have to speed up the reviews and come up with a selection. As always, this has been very hard. You sent us very high quality submissions. Thanks for making the selection process hard for us. 😍 The preliminary schedule is where it has always been in the past years. Please note that two trainings will be virtual trainings. All other trainings will be on-site unless we are forced to conduct them virtually as well.

With COVID-19 being the Corona elephant in the room for all events all over the world, we created a document to address the health situation. DeepSec and DeepINTEL 2020 will be held with a number of anti-virus mitigations. We have talked a lot with our conference hotel in the past weeks and studied publications. Since DeepSec and DeepINTEL are small events where people can really meet, it is easier to introduce physical distancing and keeping an eye on the air quality. We know that travel is the hard part at the moment. Our conference will be different this year, but we hope to do our job despite the current pandemic. Information security relies on connecting different disciplines and on gaining insides from the hallway track.

Our call for papers stays open, so if you have content to share, please let us know! This is also the case for ROOTS and ACOD.

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