DeepSec 2020 Press Release: Digital information security has human weaknesses – DeepINTEL Security Intelligence Conference discusses strategic IT security in Vienna.

Sanna/ October 7, 2020/ DeepIntel

In the last few decades, everyday professional and private life has been increasingly permeated by modern technologies and networked communication. In addition to many conveniences, this has also created difficult challenges for information security. Therefore more and more complex technical solutions are celebrated at many security conferences. The problem with the problems that are to be solved in this way: The human factor and its weak points, which can do totally without digitization. The DeepINTEL conference therefore deals with the interrelationships and strategic background of information security in order to minimize threats and improve protection in the long term.

Errors in the System are part of the Foundation

Reports of data leaks and spectacular break-ins appear in the news again and again. Unfortunately, only the results are shown. Of course, the search for clues is always much more time-consuming. The immediate consequence is first of all to inform those who are affected and the determination of the damage. The time for processing is well invested. Identifying the processes that led to the security measures being overcome can be very instructive. Defence improvement is mostly based on the results of such research. Case studies are an important part of continuing education. You learn to better assess the errors in infrastructure and systems. It is also a misconception that known weaknesses in applications are corrected immediately after publication. Many successful attacks use well-known and well-tested techniques that were developed for old vulnerabilities. Security researchers keep finding vulnerable systems even years later. The reasons for this are diverse.

Study Threats and analyse Attackers

The DeepINTEL conference goes one step further. The sole consideration of weak points and security technology is sufficient. The knowledge of the attackers’ capacities is part of the threat analysis, which should be at the beginning of an IT security strategy. This year, the capabilities of selected groups that are known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) will be discussed. These groups carry out organized espionage using very well camouflaged and logistically prepared infrastructure. Anyone interested in the latest methods and operations of the APT groups should visit DeepINTEL. Three researchers from a well-known security company present insights into activities that are currently being used against companies and organizations. The focus is specifically on changes in the attacker’s own infrastructure and the associated changes to the operations carried out. The discussion moves along with discovered and analysed samples of active malware and their communication with the servers for control.

Teleworking makes Thieves

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to numerous exceptional situations. The home office was a necessary and, for some, a welcome change. A change in the familiar environment involves dangers. Common home networks have fewer security measures. However, access to company data and services must be ensured. This situation has increasingly led to attacks on teleworkers in recent months. During DeepINTEL, current information from threats will be discussed in order to analyse the methods of attackers on supply chains, attempted fraud, attacks on remote access and related topics. Here, too, the discussion is based on information from sources of threat analysis. The facts are indispensable for the targeted and efficient defence of your own organization, as the exact tactics and tools of the attackers are discussed.

Securing the human Brain

People interact with each other on a daily basis. Conversations, telephone calls, written messages, reports, social media and much more are part of everyday private and business life. Human communication is therefore an important source of information. This method is called Human Intelligence (HUMINT). It uses contact with other people and the method is thousands of years old. HUMINT itself uses questioning techniques, interpersonal communication and has conceptual frameworks that describe the techniques used. HUMINT is important for capturing the intentions and motivations of attackers. This is a clear advantage over other techniques.Technological means of exploiting and protecting people in the face of human communication have only limited effectiveness. The DeepINTEL conference therefore deals in detail with the question of how one can protect the human brain or its thoughts in the light of HUMINT. Serious attacks are still prepared through clever networking, telephone calls and text messages. Existing relationships of trust can very easily be undermined or manipulated, especially with purely electronic communication. This creates a considerable risk for all departments of a company that interact intensively with the outside world – for example the HR department, support or sales.

Schedule and Booking

The DeepINTEL Security Intelligence Conference will take place on November 18th.
Since this is a closed event, we ask for direct inquiries about the program.
The DeepSec 2020 conference days will follow on November 19 and 20.
The DeepSec trainings will take place on the two preceding days, November 17th and 18th.
Due to the restrictions on travel and stable implementation, some of the training courses are of a virtual nature (details can be found in the program or ask us directly).
The conference itself will run as a hybrid event (mixed presence / virtual, where everyone can see and hear everything).
Both events are carried out under COVID-19 health measures, which we publish continuously updated under this link
The venue for the DeepSec and DeepINTEL events is The Imperial Riding School Vienna – A Renaissance Hotel, Ungargasse 60, 1030 Vienna.
You can order tickets for the DeepSec conference itself and the training courses at any time under the link
Please note that we are dependent on timely ticket orders due to planning security.

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