DeepSec 2023 preliminary Schedule published

René Pfeiffer/ August 25, 2023/ Administrivia, Conference

The picture shows the HAL 9000 computer from the movie "2001".The schedule for DeepSec 2023’s first version has been published. We are still stuck in reviews, so there will be some more updates in the coming weeks. Especially the third track with technical sessions and presentations will see some updates. Read some more on the technical track in one of our next blog articles. We received a lot of submissions, so we are very grateful for your support and the great ideas you sent us. Because of the limitations of our schedule, the reviewers had a hard time making a selection. The final status of all submissions will be sent to all submitters within the next few days.

The following weeks will feature every presentation in more detail with an interview or an article about the content. The mix of topics is definitely the best update to your information security skills that will prepare you for the near future.

The DeepINTEL schedule is also ready. If you are interested in hearing about the content of our security intelligence event, please get in contact with us directly. Also, remember to book early! DeepSec tickets are selling fast due to high demand, so book early to avoid missing out. Don’t wait and take advantage of the early booking tariffs!

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