DeepSec 2023 Talk: Post-quantum digital signatures using Verkle tree and AI in post-quantum cryptography – Maksim Iavich

Sanna/ October 3, 2023/ Conference

Recent advancements in quantum computing research have made significant progress. If we achieve a functional quantum computer, it has the potential to undermine the security of current public key cryptosystems, which are widely integrated into commercial products. Although there have been proposed solutions to counter quantum attacks, these solutions currently grapple with security and efficiency concerns in everyday use.

This talk focuses on exploring hash-based digital signature techniques, particularly those rooted in Merkle tree structures. The research deeply investigates the viability of Verkle trees and vector commitments, introducing pioneering concepts within this field.

At DeepSec I will present a novel post-quantum digital signature, using modern technologies, such as Verkle tree. I will talk about the working methology of making the signature post-quantum secure. I will describe the attack on post-quantum digital signatures using machine learning. I will also talk about the opportunities to use machine learning to make post-quantum cryptography more efficient.

We asked Maksim a few more questions about his talk.

Please tell us the top 5 facts about your talk.

  1. Quantum computers will be very dangerous for asymmetric cryptography
  2. Verkle trees can be used to create post-quantum digital signature schemes
  3. AI can be used both for attacks and for protection
  4. There are attacks on the post-quantum NIST standard (CRYSTALS-Kyber) using AI
  5. I will discuss how to construct post-quantum schemes using novel technologies and will discuss the existing AI attack on post-quantum NIST standard

How did you come up with it? Was there something like an initial
spark that set your mind on creating this talk?

The scientists mostly use the Merkle tree to construct post-quantum hash based digital signature schemes. It is very important to have an alternative. So I created an alternative using a more efficient method. I came up with it when I identified the Verkle tree construction.

Why do you think this is an important topic?

In this case, if we are not prepared for the post-quantum epoch we will lose the hybrid war. AI is also a very powerful tool, we must understand how to use it in cryptography,

Is there something you want everybody to know – some good advice for
our readers maybe?

Use only crypto according to the crypto standards and read the latest scientific researches in cryptography.

A prediction for the future – what do you think will be the next innovations or future downfalls when it comes to your field of expertise / the topic of your talk in particular?

AI will be globally used both for attacks and protection.

Maksim Iavich has a Ph.D. in mathematics and is a professor of computer science. Maksim is an affiliate professor and the Head of cyber security direction at Caucasus University. He is also the Head of the information technologies bachelor, IT management master and cyber security programs. Prof. Iavich is a Director of the Cyber Security Center, CST (CU). He is CEO & President at Scientific Cyber Security Association (SCSA). Maksim is cybersecurity consultant in Georgian and international organizations. He is a speaker at international cyber security conferences and is the organizer of many scientific cyber security events. He has many scientific awards in the cyber security field. Maksim is the author of many scientific papers. The topics of the papers are cyber security, cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, quantum cryptography, mathematical models, AI and simulations.

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