DeepSec, ROOTS and DeepINTEL Update – Call for Papers open

René Pfeiffer/ April 19, 2021/ Administrivia, Call for Papers, Conference, DeepIntel

Stickers at the DeepSec 2019 conference. © 2019 Joanna Pianka.Planning events is still challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic celebrated its first birthday. Despite efforts not to have the second birthday of the pandemic, the ever changing regulations and statues updates regarding the infections make preparations for conferences very hard. We know you want to plan as well, therefore we have an update for you.

DeepSec, ROOTS, and DeepINTEL will happen on-site here in Vienna. We closely coordinate with our conference hotel. Their staff is eager to reopen. Everything depends on the rate of vaccination and the regulations issued by the European and Austrian authorities. There is not much we can influence. Given our health protection measure we worked out last year, we are well prepared to handle everything short of a total lockdown. We don’t do any forecasts at the moment. The next months decide how Autumn will look like. The plan B is to stage a hybrid event with remote and local presentations. Plan C is a fully virtual conference as we did in 2020 (with some improvements given the experience from the last events). So all conferences will really happen in 2021 regardless what happens.

The Call for Papers are open. We already received some submissions from you. Our intention is to focus on the security of embedded systems and all the mobile stuff (such as things connected to mobile networks, apps, and systems on a phone). Additionally, the constant attacks on secure communication and the cornerstones of information security will be something to talk about. The pandemic has also brought us a plethora of security weaknesses and oversights by the ever present “one app to solve them all” strategy. If you have something to contribute, please let us know and submit your presentation or training.

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