DeepSec supports BSidesLondon – join the Rookie Track!

René Pfeiffer/ January 29, 2014/ Administrivia, Conference

The next BSidesLondon on 29 April will feature a Rookie Track again. We are glad to support the event with a ticket to DeepSec 2014 and two accommodations at our conference hotel for the best rookie delivering a presentation. We will also be present at BSidesLondon to get in touch with you (and to watch all talks of the Rookie Track, of course).

Supporting young talents in information security has always been on our agenda. This is why we maintain a special category of talks, the U21 slots, for speakers under 21 years of age. Conferences are meant to exchange ideas and to present new perspectives. IT security is all about creativity and thinking outside the box. We have seen lots of promising content from young infosec researchers while encouraging them to submit to our Call for Papers. It’s not easy to go from having a good idea to pursuing tests, research, and proof of concepts. No good plan survives the first five minutes, and no one will be getting everything right from the start. Having more experienced mentors to assist and to review your work helps a lot. The Rookie Track at BSidesLondon has mentors who help rookie to prepare their results and to be there for questions. That’s a fantastic way to get started. Don’t miss it, and give the rookies your support by attending the talks!

See you at BSidesLondon!

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