DeepSec Video: A Case Study on the Security of Application Whitelisting

René Pfeiffer/ January 21, 2016/ Conference, Discussion, Security

Application whitelisting is a method where you create a baseline selection of software on a system. You then freeze the state, and after this point any code not being part of your original „white list“ is considered dangerous and blocked from execution. In theory this should prevent the execution of malware and therefore protect against the pesky advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks everyone is talking about. What does this mean for your daily business? René Freingruber of SEC Consult talked about a case study at DeepSec 2015. This should save you some time and pain. Theory is not always the same when deployed in the field. René’s presentation even contains vendor names, so you can talk to the sales executive of your favourite brand of security products.

This presentation is also a prime example on how disclosure works. Rumour has it that one vendor doesn’t believe the claims presented. Well, let’s verify how congruent theory and practice are. You have been warned. Enjoy listing applications!

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