DeepSec Video: Advanced SOHO Router Exploitation

Routers are everywhere. They hold the networks together, Internet or not. Most small office/home office (SOHO) infrastructure features routers these days. Given the development cycles and rigorous QA cycles there have to be bugs in the firmware (apart from the vendor supplied backdoors). Lyon Yang (Vantage Point Security) held a presentation about a series of 0-day vulnerabilities that can be used to hack into tens of thousands of SOHO Routers. Even though the corporate „cloud“ might be „super secure“ against „cyber attacks“, the lonely office router most probably isn’t. Weak links sink ships, or something. We recorded the presentation at DeepSec 2015, and you can watch it online.

It’s worth learning MIPS and ARM shell code. x86 (and x86_64) is sooooo 1990s. Happy hacking!

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