DeepSec Video: File Format Fuzzing in Android – Giving a Stagefright to the Android Installer

René Pfeiffer/ February 6, 2016/ Conference, Security

The Stagefright exploit haunts the Android platform. The vulnerability was published in Summer 2015. It gives attackers a way to infect Android smartphones by using multimedia files such as pictures, text, and videos. This is a perfect vector since most people will look at media instantly. Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy gave a presentation at DeepSec 2010 about malicious software hidden in multimedia (the talk was aptly titled Malware goes to the Movies). So what if there are more bugs like this in the Android platform? Enter fuzzing technology.

Alexandru Blanda spoke at DeepSec2015 about fuzzing on the Android platform. This approach can be used to uncover different types of vulnerabilities inside multiple core system components of the Android OS. Since these vulnerabilities affect critical components of the Android system, the impact of the results will be huge. It doesn’t matter if you  just have a crash. Software handling untrusted multimedia data must be capable of dealing with anything you throw at it. Better make sure.

Alexandru targets the Android APK installer and the Stagefright media framework with fuzzing. You are welcome to stress test any other component.

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