DeepSec welcomes SEC Consult as Sponsor for 2017!

René Pfeiffer/ May 12, 2017/ Conference, Security

Testing products, production code, security measures, or the overall security of infrastructure is hard work. The typical needs in term of information technology for a company or an organisation has become a variety of components that need to be maintained and hardened against attacks. The devil is in the details. In order to find critical weaknesses you need decades of experience, a thorough understanding of the technologies in use, in-depth knowledge of processes that touch information technology, and a decent portion of creativity to come up with ways around obstacles. SEC Consult, our long-time sponsor, has all of this – and more. They publish their findings and offer consulting for anyone needing extra security. Take a look at the House of Keys project, the IoT Inspector, or gaping holes in digital forensics software that allows to manipulate evidence.

SEC Consult is the leading consultant in the field of cyber and cyberspace application security within the German-speaking countries. The company with offices in Europe, Asia and North America specialises in the establishment of Information security management and certification support according to ISO27001, Cyber Defence, DDoS tests, external and internal security tests, secure software (development) and the gradual, sustainable improvement of the level of security. SEC Consult’s customers include leading companies, authorities and organizations from various sectors of the private economy as well as the critical infrastructure.

Experts from SEC Consult will be present throughout the conference. If you want to get in touch for a chat, we encourage you to do so. They can tell you more about their published work, ongoing projects, and will share their view of critical infrastructure and how to protect it. We can also recommend to attend presentations by their researchers. You will learn a lot, and they are willing to share their opinion. Plus they can help you to attend DeepSec 2017 – contact them and ask for a sponsored ticket.

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