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René Pfeiffer/ September 4, 2011/ Administrivia

For all of you who do not pay close attention to our contact section on our web site, we offer various way to communicate via encrypted messages. We have published two GPG keys, one for our role account (key 0x22860969)  and one for a person from our organisation team (key 0x6E4037AF). Use PGP/MIME format if possible (ASCII armour is so old school ☺).

We have set up an e-mail forwarding service via privacybox.de. You can use a standard web form, a form suited for mobile clients and a form reachable via a TOR hidden service. While we have no idea how privacybox.de handle their own security, it’s a nice service. You can always double- or triple-encrypt if in doubt.

When on IRC (channel #deepsec on irc.freenode.net, usually most active prior to and shortly after the conference) some of us use IRC clients with OTR-capability. When sending text messages, some of our staff run TextSecure on Android (including me)., which also provides OTR-capability.

And yes, we run these things so that you can use them! There no need to have second thoughts about encrypting stuff you send to us, and no, it doesn’t add any extra time or effort for us.

If you think we should add different communication methods, let us know. We even beta-test if you ask nicely.

Update: We use Signal, GPG with new keys (please check our contact page for an update), Threema, and we plan to implement new ways of encrypted communication in 2018. The IRC channel is not in use any more (and it wasn’t created by us).

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