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René Pfeiffer/ February 15, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference, Security Intelligence

Information security without intelligence is less than half the fun. That’s why we organise the DeepINTEL 2016 conference. The focus is entirely on the intelligence side of security. Given the events in the recent months it’s about time that you get your focus right and turn your radar on. Flying blind will get you into trouble.

The DeepINTEL is a single track / two day event that addresses mainly critical infrastructure, state organizations (administrative and law enforcement), accredited CERTs, finance organizations and trusted parties and organizations with a strong relation or partnership to the aforementioned. Due to the sensitive topics and the nature of the participants and speakers we will have a vetting process for participants. We’d like to know our audience, so that we all can talk freely and openly during the event. If you have questions on this, please contact us directly via deepsec@deepsec.net or the contact information given on our web site.

We are looking for talks and topics around security intelligence. Security intelligence is any information, which enables us to choose better strategies for defending our information infrastructure. Basically it’s background information, information about what/where/why/who/… which is not covered by our traditional security topics like security management, incident handling, vulnerability research, and the like.

Security intelligence is using several different approaches: algorithmic and statistical analysis, infiltration of adversaries, data correlation, meta analysis and related techniques. Any of these topics is welcome. Furthermore if you use or know about other approaches regarding these topics you are more than welcome to complete our view!

Do you have in-depth information about the current threat landscape? Can you adapt security strategies based on new/old/re-examined information? Care for a „threat weather forecast“? Do you have ideas how to gather relevant information and isolate risks to your IT infrastructure? It’s not about tools and gadgets, it’s all about the Big Picture™ and Your Radar™. We invite everyone working in this field to send us submissions for a presentation.

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