Hardware Security – Hacking on the Layer 1 – Training and Conference

René Pfeiffer/ September 20, 2021/ Conference

Hardwear.io conference log.In system administration there is an easy way to distinguish between software and hardware: hardware are the parts that can be kicked. This happens usually when things break. Since breaking things is a major part of security research, we have teamed up with the Hardwear.io Security Conference. The Spectre and Meltdown bugs have shown that hardware is a crucial part of everyone’s security architecture. Few software developers realise that this foundation can cause a lot of havoc. So we recommend checking out the schedule.

Reverse engineering hardware can be very rewarding, because you learn a lot on how it reacts to perturbations. There will be a training at Hardwear.io on how to do this with celullar baseband firmware. This piece of code sits on the gateway to the mobile network. During the training you will learn how to use fuzzing and test emulations against it for finding bugs and probably some weaknesses related to security.

Side-channel attacks are hard to counter. A lot of components feature this weakness, and few users and developers know something about it. Hardwear.io offers training about this topic. The first workshop deals with advanced attacks using machine learning tools. The other workshop gives you an opportunity to develop your own command line code to help with the attacks after teaching the basics. You can then use real hardware for testing and developing your attacks.

If you are interested, drop us an email. We can supply a discount code for buying your tickets.

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