How to register for DeepINTEL

René Pfeiffer/ July 10, 2012/ Administrivia

The link to the online registration for DeepINTEL tickets has been activated. We’ve added a shiny IFRAME and a direct link on the DeepINTEL site. Since DeepINTEL is a bit different from DeepSec, here are the steps to your ticket.

  1. Contact us by sending your name and your affiliation.
  2. We start the vetting process and might ask for additional information.
  3. You get the code for your ticket.
  4. You register, get your ticket and send us your itinerary so we can take care of accommodation and your arrival.

That’s about all you need. We already explained that the DeepINTEL event contains information and knowledge exchange which will not be reflected in public. This is why we provide a little exercise in data loss prevention (difficulty level easy ☺). Any presentation materials provided by the speakers will be exclusively for attendees of DeepINTEL.

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