Infrastructure Update – Privacy Shield, Call for Papers, DNSSEC, ROOTS, and Humidity

René Pfeiffer/ July 11, 2018/ Administrivia, High Entropy

Our blog has been a bit silent in the past weeks, because we had to move some stuff around and rearrange our infrastructure. The old office had a problem with too much water. Leaking is for whistleblowers, not water pipes. Rain is fine if the water can get to the drains. If you take a look at the photograph, imagine the scene with Summer temperatures and a high dose of humidity. Moving infrastructure around is a lot more fun when having APIs, lots of bandwidth, and server minions to take care of the storage. This wasn’t the case with our office infrastructure in meatspace. So we did a bit of a workout. It’s amazing what ancient hardware The old DeepSec office building. Keep it green!you can find when sorting through real storage space. Remember AUI Ethernet connectors with matching network interface cards? 😎

The infrastructure overhaul has brought DNSSEC to the and domains (thanks to our DNS hoster). Ask your local DNS resolver, you should see DNSSEC being used. We will also do some changes to our email infrastructure. We are unhappy with the Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield „agreements“. There is a well-deserved storm coming regarding the adequacy of the protection afforded by the EU-US Privacy Shield. We won’t wait for this to happen and move our mailboxes to a private cloud platform. It’s always nice to know where your data actually is and who has access to it. We might even implement DANE while we are at it. 🔧

The Call for Papers for DeepSec 2018 is still running. Don’t forget to submit! So far we got a lot of trainings and many interesting presentations. It will be harder than last year to decide. The schedule will be most interesting. Please prod your friends and ask them to submit to DeepSec 2018! For all you researchers out there: the Call for Papers of ROOTS 2018 is also open and waiting for your research results!

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