Intelligence on the Silver Screen: A Good American Kickstarter Campaign

René Pfeiffer/ July 21, 2016/ Discussion, High Entropy, Security Intelligence

Surveillance has a bad reputation. No one likes to be watched. Yet infosec researchers, sysadmins, and developers talk a lot about log files. We need to watch stuff for various reasons. You got your mail logs, diagnostic messages, performance metrics, network addresses, and more painstakingly sorted by timestamps and maybe geolocation. Log data is part of information technology. It gets interesting once you store, process and mine this data. Some people like to collect it all and do all kinds of Big Data stuff with it. Others filter out the relevant bits of information and work with that. Opinion is divided, results may vary.

Enter A Good American, the documentary which was screened in Vienna during the DeepSec 2015 conference. It has been shown all over the world. The film itself is fully funded, finished and travelling the festival circuit at the moment. However it isn’t exactly a blockbuster you’ll find in theatres everywhere. This is why there is a Kickstarter campaign to help showing the documentary to people who might be interested but have missed it so far. Go to the web site and have a look!

Why are we telling you this? Well, we believe that the wonderful world of security intelligence should be subject to discussion as the world of information security already is; and maybe even more so. Plus we like to discuss all things intel at our DeepINTEL event.

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