Intelligent Security and DeepSec Events in 2012

René Pfeiffer/ January 9, 2012/ Administrivia

After the Christmas break we are back and continue to plan DeepSec events for 2012. Judging from the news on Twitter and the web there’s ample demand to look behind the scenes and to question „well-established facts“ or myths. We could have skipped vacation and kept on blogging throughout Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There was the Stratfor hack, Anonymous activity, rumours about back doors in operating systems, leaked anti-virus source code and hacking military networks. 2012 starts right where 2011 left off. And we haven’t even watched most of the 28C3 videos!

So we will have two major DeepSec events in 2012. There’s the DeepSec 2012 in November (we’re currently fixing the exact date) and there will be a second event in Summer. More details follow in the course of next week when everyone’s back at the helm.

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