Last Call for DeepSec 2011 – Reminder – Call for Papers!

René Pfeiffer/ July 17, 2011/ Administrivia, Conference

Come on, get your submissions in order and send them to us! The past weeks were full of vulnerabilities, exploits in action and illustrated security very well. Let’s recall what we are looking for.

  • Mobile computing and communications (the protocols and the gadgets)
  • IPv6 (again protocols and the gadgets)
  • Security management and IT governance (a.k.a. “The Big Picture”)
  • Cloud computing and virtualisation (a.k.a. infrastructure 2.0)
  • Security intelligence (few have it)
  • Psychological aspect of security (social engineering, usable security, …)
  • Topics that have a high impact on IT security (or your/our life in general)
  • Design flaws (“defective by design”, the bugs are out there…)

We’re looking for workshops, talks and submissions from young talents (U21). Updates and reviews are welcome provided they are still a threat (the web never gets boring for example). New uses for old exploits are welcome, too. Why keep inventing the wheel when you can re-use old exploits? Security intelligence deserves a closer look. How do you manage to keep track of risks, attack vectors and potential adversaries?

Please submit all talks and workshops through our CfP manager. Write an email to cfp at deepsec dot net  if you have questions or aren’t sure if you should submit.

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