Last Changes to DeepSec 2013 Schedule

René Pfeiffer/ November 19, 2013/ Administrivia, Conference

Unfortunately we had to change our DeepSec 2013 schedule again. We promise that this will be the last changes before the conference starts (or a certain Murphy will get a talk slot). Marcus Ranum couldn’t make it to DeepSec. He apologised, and there really is no way he could have made it. We will invite him for DeepSec 2014, so you will have a good reason to come back next year.

We are grateful for Aaron Kaplan from who helps out with a presentation about better cryptography. In essence he talks about applied crypto hardening in order to help everyone deploying cryptography to improve the configuration and to Get Things Right™. We highly encourage you to attend his talk.

For anyone interested in geopolitics: Wim Remes has kindly agreed to hold the keynote which is now titled Cultural Learning Of China To Make Benefit Glorious Profession Of Infosec. Context matters, so does history. Don’t miss Wim’s ideas on this matter!

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