New in the DeepSec Ticket Shop: Tor Tickets for Early Birds and InfoSec Minds

René Pfeiffer/ July 17, 2018/ Administrivia, Discussion, High Entropy, Security

Link to the DeepSec 2018 ticket shop.We have a new category in the DeepSec ticket shop. We now have Tor tickets! Why is that? Well, information security relies heavily on the tools of the trade and the knowledge to use them. Tools can be created and used, knowledge can be shared and used. This is not a new insight. The special Tor tickets are a way to help the German non-profit registered association Zwiebelfreunde e.V. for rebooting their infrastructure. They run Tor nodes and provide the necessary infrastructure to do this. Members of Zwiebelfreunde have been speakers at DeepSec in the past because they are also active security researchers. The difference between the Tor ticket and the normal ticket price will be given to them to recover the damage to their infrastructure.

Security tools such as Tor are widely used by law enforcement, agencies, security researchers, academics, normal people, businesses, and more. The Tor project maintains a list of typical Tor users. Non-profit organisations keep Tor alive, and the ticket category is our contribution. We use Tor and other security tools daily too. So if you want to contribute you just need the right ticket. We will confirm your contribution and send the price difference to Zwiebelfreunde. Security is a team effort. We hope that some of you give their support as well.

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