Online Security is threatened by Politics in the EU

René Pfeiffer/ June 17, 2024/ Communication, Security/ 0 comments

The picture shows the character substitution use in the Caesar's cipher. Source: vote for the EU Chat Control disaster is scheduled again. If the vote passes, then this chat control system will destroy the security of communication platforms for all Internet users, organisation, and companies. Chat control basically disables end-to-end-encryption (E2EE). The proposals have been widely discussed, but it seems that the Belgian presidency decided to rush the topic right before the Summer break. Secure communications platforms such as Signal and Threema warned lawmakers. EuroISPA has published a statement of protest as well. E2EE is a cornerstone of information security. The chat control regulation would only affect citizens and businesses. Criminals will always have a way around this. The proposed mass surveillance is a security risk by itself. Nation state conducting espionage will welcome the weakening of the security posture and use it against the EU’s interest. Regulating secure encryption and introducing backdoors into communication platforms is not the way to the future.

The Signal messenger has already announced to leave the EU market in case the EU Chat Control become reality. Threema is observing the matter and will decide depending on the voting results. Since DeepSec relies on secure communication, the chat control will force us to „go dark“. If you outlaw encryption, only outlaws will have encryption. Tell your representatives that you don’t want to be treated as a criminal.

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