Post-DeepSec 2014 – Slides, Pictures, and Videos

René Pfeiffer/ December 15, 2014/ Conference

We would like to thank everyone who attended DeepSec 2014! Thanks go to all our trainers and speakers who contributed with their work to the conference!

We hope you enjoyed DeepSec 2014, and we certainly like to welcome you again for DeepSec 2015!

You will find the slides of the presentations on our web site. Some slides are being reviewed and corrected. We will update the collection as soon as we get new documents. The video recordings are in post-processing and will be available via our Vimeo channel. We will start publishing the content soon.

The pictures our photographer took during the conference are being post-processed too. We will publish a selection on our Flickr site.

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System administrator, lecturer, hacker, security consultant, technical writer and DeepSec organisation team member. Has done some particle physics, too. Prefers encrypted messages for the sake of admiring the mathematical algorithms at work.


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