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René Pfeiffer/ June 26, 2022/ Conference, Training

👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓 The „full preliminary“ schedule of DeepSec 2022 is due in mid-August. Until then, we have some training options for you. The remaining trainings will be published as soon as we have the confirmation from the trainers. The following courses have been confirmed:

  • Hacking JavaScript Desktop apps: Master the Future of Attack Vector – The desktop is the entry to organisations and companies. Employees are connected to the resources attackers look for. The training illustrates how modern desktop applications work, how they connect to the outside world, and how you can use them to gain access to the internal networks (or the cloud platforms used by the code).

  • Mobile Security Testing Guide Hands-On – This course tells you all you need to know about the desktop-to-go versions of applications. Mobiles devices are a vital part of many organisations. Therefore, you need to know how to attack them and how to defend against your adversaries.

  • Mobile Network Security – This course tells you about the infrastructure used by mobile clients. From 2G to 5G, regardless of what you want to do with a mobile network, make sure you know how it works. Network coverage can be the least of your problems. Protocol stacks are complex beasts, and they can be attacked in various ways. It’s worthwhile to understand what is going on behind the scenes off-stage. We recommend this course for anyone using mobile clients, deploying/maintaining IoT devices, and developers relying on network connectivity.

  • Black Belt Pentesting / Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation – Most modern applications have different levels and use more than one programming language. You have client-side scripts, server infrastructure, application code, and lots of components. Full-stack exploitation literally exploits this. Given the complexity of full-stack software design, there is bound to be a bug somewhere in the dependencies.

We will introduce more details about these courses in the next weeks. Tickets can be bought at our ticket shop. Please be aware that most of our trainings are hybrid form (presence and remote with teleconferencing software).

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