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Sanna/ November 11, 2020/ Conference

Like every year, DeepSec and DeepINTEL get to the bottom of the current state of information security. So far, 2020 has shown that surprises and critical events are always to be expected. Information security still knows no break. On the contrary: weak points in software, hardware, legislature and infrastructure are a permanent threat to digital information. So that those affected still have better chances against constant attacks, the DeepSec and DeepINTEL conferences will take place this year completely digitally via the Internet. Security can only be achieved through joint efforts. Therefore, this November, as every year, there will be an exchange between experts, users, software developers, administrators and those responsible!

Solving problems instead of postponing them

Hardly any other area is constantly inventing new terms like information technology. Unfortunately, misunderstandings and obscuring their meaning often creep in. The words cloud, virtualization, sandbox or container are ambiguous. A description of the context is always required in order to grasp what is actually meant by it. The adjective “cyber” or “cyberspace” is also used without explanation. William Gibson used the word cyberspace in his novels as a synonym for a common connected digital technology. The use therefore does not specify anything, which is why the addition “cyber” has found its widespread use as a general empty phrase. If you “cyber” too much, you will only move burning problems, including their diagnosis and resolution, into virtual nowhere.

Information security has to become concrete because no implementations are possible with abstract terms. This year, DeepSec will therefore deal specifically with threats such as vulnerabilities against cloud platforms, communication channels for malware on infected systems, the security of end devices and attacks on apps in mobile devices. Details of weak points, design errors and possible remedies are discussed. Industry-specific circumstances such as how to deal with published errors in products or implants with digital functions will also be discussed in the spectrum of the lectures.

World of metadata

The world of data has grown considerably. Everyone has heard of big data by now. But the real useful thing about it is Big Metadata. Data alone, even in manageable amounts, offers few groundbreaking advantages. Only the connection between different sources with appropriate descriptions of the content lead to usable insights. The practice of collecting data for a long time first and then linking it more and more over time is widespread in certain companies. From the point of view of information security, however, there are many difficulties. Unwanted results often arise from evaluations that have consequences for the data owners. Profiles are now created by almost all everyday applications. This usually happens unnoticed. Data silos with results only become visible with security gaps. For this reason, some lectures at DeepSec will deal with topics such as home automation systems or attacks on IT in hotels.

Espionage in the middle

The term espionage was still very exotic in the digital world decades ago. Of course, digitization has also greatly modified this area. Thanks to increasing networking, company secrets can also be more easily stolen from the home office. For example, a computer in the home office may be less secure, which makes attacks easier. Finally, there is a connection to internal company resources that can be of interest to attackers. It is not about spectacular cases that one might imagine as in scenes ready for the movies. Ultimately, it is always a matter of copying information without attracting attention. This year's DeepSec conference program includes a lecture by Chris Kubecka about insights into the world of Iranian digital espionage. The methods and events that have known situations and technologies as a starting point are illustrated using real incidents. These illustrations are extremely important for anyone who needs to protect their own research and development in the company from the curious. The less spectacular an action, the more effective it can be if the context is industrial espionage. Due to the numerous conversations we have had with security experts since 2007, we can particularly recommend this presentation. Increasing networking has brought espionage to the center of society and the economy in all sectors.

Virtualisation as an opportunity

Of course, all measures to protect infrastructure and your own information technology must be carried out in real life. For this reason, the DeepSec conference would like to offer new ways to exchange knowledge and experience, especially this year. If servers and services are willingly virtualized, why not attend a security conference virtually? In the last decades, the systems participating in the Internet have developed massively. The basic concepts remained the same, however. It is always about the exchange of information and its processing. The same is true of everyone who has to worry about security in information technology (which specifically includes the development of software). Take advantage of the offer of our program, which has the “in-depth” guarantee – facts, research, experience reports without any self-portrayal or distorting advertising terms.

Programs and booking

The DeepINTEL Security Intelligence Conference will take place virtually on November 18th. Since this is a closed event, we ask for direct inquiries about the program.

The DeepSec 2020 conference days are on November 19th and 20th. The DeepSec trainings will take place on the two preceding days, November 17th and 18th.

Due to the current COVID-19 measures, all trainings and all lectures are of a virtual nature.

You can order tickets for the DeepSec conference itself and the training courses at any time under the link

Sponsor discount codes are still available. Contact if you are interested. Please note that due to planning security we are still dependent on timely ticket orders.

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