Reminder: DeepINTEL 2016 – Call for Papers – Beat Big Data and Full Take with Brains

René Pfeiffer/ March 15, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference, Security Intelligence

We already published a Call for Papers for the upcoming DeepINTEL 2016. Here are some thoughts to get your creativity going.

Standard solutions and off-the-shelf products to solve your security needs are remains from the 1990s. Everything else has gone smart, and that’s how you have to address security problems in the future. NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers told the audience of the RSA Conference 2016 that the NSA cannot counter the digital attacks it faces on its own. GCHQ, the NSA’s British counterpart, has publicly stated that the £860m budget to counter digital adversaries is not sufficient to defend Britain’s digital assets.

Modern digital defence needs a sound foundation of data to base decisions on. You can neither combat a forest fire or an infectious disease by blindly throwing money at it. You need to defend where it counts, and security intelligence information will be your guide. This is why we like to recommend the DeepINTEL conference to you. The event is a gathering of experts on this matter, and it is closed to the public. All speakers and participants sign a non-disclosure agreement, so that everyone can talk more openly. DeepINTEL acts as a small and agile think tank where you can openly discuss the state of information and infrastructure security. It’s easy to burn millions of €/$/£ with randomly chosen security measures without getting any improvement.

We are actively looking for smart ideas to do away with Full Take™ and Big Data™. Getting the right intel is key, not collecting as much as you can. If you have some thoughts on this matter, let us know.

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