Rookie Track – BSidesLondon 2018

René Pfeiffer/ June 5, 2018/ Conference, Security

We are looking forward to see the Rookie Track at BSidesLondon 2018! If you are curious what the rookie have to say, drop by and have a look! Presentations are meant to be heard. Do the newbies a favour and listen to them. They have put a lot of work into their 15 minute talk slot. They deserve an audience.

Source: a topic is hard. You have to understand what you are talking about. Furthermore you need to know a bit extra, because people will ask questions. Richard Feynman once said: If you want to master something, teach it. A great way to learn is to teach. If you have ever conducted a workshop, this will sound familiar.

DeepSec sponsors the winner of the rookie track – a ticket to DeepSec 2018 and a stay in Vienna is the reward for daring to hold a presentation at BSidesLondon 2018. You have to start somewhere. 😸 And winner is the wrong word. The Rookie Track is not a competition. It’s a place to get started. Very different.

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