ROOTS 2019 Invited Talk: Please, Bias Me! – Pauline Bourmeau

Sanna/ October 1, 2019/ Conference, ROOTS

Anyone doing research, audits, code reviews, or development will most probably use her or his brain. Have you ever considered what can influence your decisions and thinking processes? We asked Pauline Bourmeau to explain and to share her thoughts on this matter.

Cognitive bias influences our decisions and affects many part of our daily life. We will explore how it affects our security responses, and how we can identify it and be more effective. From Red-team to Forensic experts to incident responders, we see what we expect to encounter in our field, based on our range of past experiences. Adversary tactics make gold out of these loopholes in our predictable thinking.

This talk aims to invite the audience to step back from our daily routine and challenges us to understand what cognitive bias is. We will show how our thinking process may lead us to make mistakes that change the reality we perceive and create illusions.

The goal is to provide a guide of tricks to use to learn to be more careful; fact checking our decision processes and creating space for training these skills without disrupting your team work.


Working as a Threat analyst at a small French business, Cookie has spent a long time fixing languages and bikes with very little money and great ingenuity, squatting university benches and corrupting teachers for beers. She runs with friends the Parisian DEF CON Group DC11331.

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