Save the Dates for DeepSec 2018 and DeepINTEL 2018

René Pfeiffer/ January 24, 2018/ Administrivia, Conference

While everyone was busy with the holidays, Meltdown and Spectre, we did some updates behind the scenes. DeepSec 2018 will be held from 27 to 30 November 2018. We tried not to collide with Thanksgiving, so that you can come to Vienna after being with your family. As always, the first two days will be the trainings followed by two days of conference. DeepINTEL 2018 will be on 17 / 18 September 2018. We have a topical focus for both events and will present each of them in a separate article. There still some details to work out. Wordsmithing and administrivia are the equivalence of dependencies and patches in software development – necessary, but they take time. It’s worth it, you will see for yourself.

We have a special message for anyone who intends to conduct a training at DeepSec 2018: Please let us know as soon as possible! This year’s DeepSec is later than usual, and we try to inform interested parties, companies, and individuals in time about the topics. So if you have something in your mind, if you work on cutting edge content and want to share, let us know. The Call for Papers manager is the easiest way, but of course you can drop us an email as well.

In addition the videos of DeepSec 2017 have been published on Vimeo. Since the video platform abolished its tip jar for donations, we will free the videos in June for everyone. All attendees and speakers enjoy them already. The slides from the presentations are online as well. Plus we have published In Depth Security Vol. II: Proceedings of the DeepSec Conferences for you to read on your mobile device or in print. Volume I is available, too. Volume III is on its way.

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