Scheduled Maintenance for Web Site and Blog

René Pfeiffer/ October 28, 2019/ Administrivia

Rain cloud emojiToday there will be an interruption of power supply and network connectivity. The systems affected are our web site and our blog. While the downtime is scheduled and part of our maintenance, the reason for the downtime was not. It has to do with rain, pipes, and queues. To quote Marcus Ranum:

As security or firewall administrators, we’ve got basically the same concerns [as plumbers]: the size of the pipe, the contents of the pipe, making sure the correct traffic is in the correct pipes, and keeping the pipes from splitting and leaking all over the place. Of course, like plumbers, when the pipes do leak, we’re the ones responsible for cleaning up the mess, and we’re the ones who come up smelling awful.

Rain, gravitation, the size of pipes, and sediments came to visit our office a few months ago. Today we will put some serious firewalling in place in order to be on the safe side when it comes to our computing equipment. 🌧 🔌 😎

We’ll be right back after the break.

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