Science First! – University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FHOOe) supports DeepSec

René Pfeiffer/ October 12, 2017/ Conference, Security

The motto of DeepSec 2017 is „Science first!“. This is expressed by the co-located ROOTS workshop, many speakers from academics, topics fresh from the front lines of research, and a mindset that favours facts over fake content or showmanship. This is why we want to thank the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria for their continued support of DeepSec! Their motto is Teaching and learning with pleasure – researching with curiosity, which fits nicely into the mindset of most information security researchers. They have a wide range of very interesting research projects. If you are interested in courses or collaboration as a company, let them now. We are happy to support you with your enquiry.

FHOOe LogoLest you forget: DeepSec offers a steep discount for anyone in academic research – be it student or professor. Contact us for your ticket code in order to enjoy the full spectrum of DeepSec with a discount!

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