SecInt: Radar for Anti-Security Movement

We have been talking to some journalists in the past weeks. Most questions revolved around the rise in attacks against well-known web sites and their companies (or vice versa). Jeffrey Carr has published a good source for an overview of Anti-Security groups. If you are looking what to put on your radar, his article might be a good start.

Security intelligence is gathering importance. Make sure that you don’t drown in tools or gadgets, and that you don’t neglect your strategic view. Quite a lot of people are confused by the many reports of incidents, „lulz“, „LOLs“, scanty slogans when it comes to motivations of attackers, damage reports, panic and media mind disruption (always remember: anonymousAnonymous). Currently we’re working on material to put the threats into perspective. It’s hard to distinguish the real threats from fakes ones when being surrounded by the fog of disinformation.

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