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DeepSec 2019 Keynote: Computer Security is simple, the World is not – Raphaël Vinot and Quinn Norton

Published on November 27, 2019 By sanna

Information security is too often seen as a highly technical field in computer science, and one where the more technical someone is, the more right they are likely to be. But security is part of systems of life, that not only include computers and phones, but systems of living, cultures, history, politics, and interpersonal relationships. […]

DeepSec 2016 Talk: Obfuscated Financial Fraud Android Malware: Detection And Behavior Tracking – Inseung Yang

Published on November 9, 2016 By sanna

In Korea in particular, hackers have distributed sophisticated and complex financial fraud android malware through various means of distribution, such as SMS phishing, Google play, compromised web servers and home routers (IoT). In some cases, both smartphone and PC users are targeted simultaneously. Inseung Yang and his team collect mobile android malware via an automated analysis […]

DeepSec 2013 Video: Europe In The Carna Botnet

Published on February 25, 2014 By René Pfeiffer

Botnets serve a variety of purposes. Usually they are used to send unsolicited e-mail messages (a.k.a. spam), attack targets by sending crafted data packets, or to perform similar activities. The Carna Botnet was created by an anonymous researcher to scan the IPv4 Internet. The creator called the botnet the Internet Census of 2012. The nodes […]

DeepSec 2013 Video: Hackanalytics – What’s hot, what’s not

Published on February 17, 2014 By René Pfeiffer

Penetration testing is much more than trying a couple of attacks and be done with it. The results matter, and you have to prepare them in a fashion they can be used afterwards. Putting defences to the test is not a matter of „yes, it works“ or „no, it doesn’t“. There are expectations of the […]

DeepSec 2013 Workshop: Developing and Using Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

Published on September 26, 2013 By René Pfeiffer

The arsenal of components you can use for securing your organisation’s digital assets is vast. The market offers a sheer endless supply of application level gateways (formerly know as „firewalls“), network intrusion detection/prevention systems, anti-virus filters for any kind of platform (almost down to the refrigerator in the office), security tokens, biometrics, strong cryptography (just […]

Dissection of Malware and Legality

Published on October 24, 2011 By René Pfeiffer

You have probably seen the articles about the 0zapftis (a.k.a. the German Federal Trojan) malware used by the German police for investigation. There’s a lot going on in Germany and the German parliament, so we’d like to point out the issue of dissecting governmental malware and its relation to common sense and the law. The […]

Talk: Behavioral Security: 10 steps forward 5 steps backward

Published on October 17, 2011 By René Pfeiffer

How do you distinguish good from evil? Have you ever asked yourself this question? In order to avoid diving into philosophy let’s translate evil to harmful and good to harmless. What’s your strategy to find out if something is harmful or harmless? When it comes to food maybe you try a small bit and gradually […]