Talk: How To Rob An Online Bank And Get Away With It

René Pfeiffer/ September 18, 2011/ Conference

We’ve all heard of – or have even been a victim of – attacks against online banking users where malware on their computers stole their identities and transferred their money to offshore mules’ accounts. While such attacks are still possible and will probably remain a viable threat, they suffer from severe limitations: the loot is limited by the amount of money on victims’ accounts, attacks only work against more gullible people and banks are employing security measures that make identity theft increasingly difficult. From the attacker’s point of view this is very undesirable. These factors create incentive for criminals to focus on online banking servers. Incidentally, that’s where – as famous bank robber Willie Sutton might say – all the money is. Now, Mr. Sutton lived in the times of physical currency and had

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