DeepSec Announces DeepSec 365 Conference Track

René Pfeiffer/ April 1, 2012/ Administrivia, Conference, High Entropy

IT security has grown into a cornerstone of our modern society. We rely on data integrity, availability, and we do not wish our personal or business data to be mirrored on or other web sites. 2011 has been full of high-profile security-related incidents. 2012 will most certainly continue in this fashion. This cannot go on forever. Therefore we decided to address the lack of IT security conferences and boost their number considerably. Starting with 1 January 2013 we start the DeepSec 365 Conference Track – 365 DeepSec security conferences in 2013, one every day! We are currently finalising the deal with our conference venue. Even the tourism industry has acknowledged that there really is nothing besides hosting IT security events. Forget skiing, spas, clubbing, museums, sightseeing and all that, you want to see

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