Products, Vendors, Security, and Bias

René Pfeiffer/ July 4, 2013/ Discussion, Mission Statement, Security

The DeepSec conference is meant to be a neutral event where security related topics can be discussed without bias. Periodically we have discussions with companies about this issue. Our web site states that DeepSec is a non-product, non-vendor-biased conference event. In short this simply means that the topics discussed at DeepSec are all about facts not ads. We are looking for honest talks about security: If something breaks, tell us about it. If you can repair it, tell us about it. If you discovered something, tell us about it. That’s our goal. The DeepSec conference is not a trade fair – but it’s a place to mention what you have researched or what you have created. We are all about information security and want everyone to talk about it. We invite everyone to share results of

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