Call for Papers – DeepSec 2016 – Reminder

René Pfeiffer/ July 15, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference

The Call for Papers for DeepSec 2016 ends on 31 July 2016. If you have some top content, a new way to break the Internet of Things, a piece of code that lets the director of the FBI sweat (for whatever reasons), then let us know. Basically anything that breaks stuff, melts networks/applications/hardware, or singes the fur off things is a good choice (see isic for the original quote). Despite the Internet of Things not being yours it can be 0wned any way. Have a go and tell us! In case you are inclined to teaching we also host top quality workshops, just before the conference. If you got material to keep a group of nerds, pentesters, and people worried about the state of information security busy, then drop us your abstract. See you

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Early Birds, save the Date! BSidesVienna has opened the Call for Papers!

René Pfeiffer/ June 24, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference

Grab your calendars, you have to be in Vienna on 12 November 2016! BSidesVienna is accepting your submissions for an awesome community conference. The range of topics is wide, so don’t ask yourself “Is this interesting or not?” – just submit and come to Vienna in November! While you are preparing your submission, you might want to make some extra space in your calendar for DeepSec 2016. The submission we got so far look great. Crypto, the Internet of Stuff (IoT), exploit labs, pentesting training, and more waits for you. Make sure you get the Early Bird prices for your tickets!

DeepSec 2016 Call for Papers is officially open!

René Pfeiffer/ April 15, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference

DeepSec 2016 is coming! We have set up the Call for Paper manager to accept your submissions for talks and workshops. Keep the „cyber“ distractions low, maximise content. DeepSec is all about hard facts and solid research. The Internet of Stuff/Things has gained momentum. Given the current IoT security designs, this technology will keep security researchers busy for decades  to come. Tell us how to break the smart home of the future. The Crypto Wars are on again. Forget quantum computers! Think about how crypto will work in the age of golden keys and backdoor privileges. Of course you can also talk about the state of cryptography and post-quantum algorithms. DeepSec has always had a decent crypto content. We will give you some more ideas on what to submit in the course of the

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Reminder: DeepINTEL 2016 – Call for Papers – Beat Big Data and Full Take with Brains

René Pfeiffer/ March 15, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference, Security Intelligence

We already published a Call for Papers for the upcoming DeepINTEL 2016. Here are some thoughts to get your creativity going. Standard solutions and off-the-shelf products to solve your security needs are remains from the 1990s. Everything else has gone smart, and that’s how you have to address security problems in the future. NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers told the audience of the RSA Conference 2016 that the NSA cannot counter the digital attacks it faces on its own. GCHQ, the NSA’s British counterpart, has publicly stated that the £860m budget to counter digital adversaries is not sufficient to defend Britain’s digital assets. Modern digital defence needs a sound foundation of data to base decisions on. You can neither combat a forest fire or an infectious disease by blindly throwing money at it. You

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Wanted: Great Content™ for BSidesLondon! Can you help out?

René Pfeiffer/ March 11, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference

BSidesLondon is coming up. Grab your calendar, mark the dates, and think about content to submit! The Call for Papers runs until 28 March. BSidesLondon is a community-driven event, so it’s up to the infosec community to fill it with decent talks about all things cyber, shiny, and broken (by design). We are looking forward to see a great schedule after the CfP ends. Make it happen! And for all you graphic geeks out there, BSidesLondon needs a logo. The deadline was yesterday, so check out the submissions and have a vote.

Go dark with us! Submit a presentation to DeepINTEL 2016!

René Pfeiffer/ February 15, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference, Security Intelligence

Information security without intelligence is less than half the fun. That’s why we organise the DeepINTEL 2016 conference. The focus is entirely on the intelligence side of security. Given the events in the recent months it’s about time that you get your focus right and turn your radar on. Flying blind will get you into trouble. The DeepINTEL is a single track / two day event that addresses mainly critical infrastructure, state organizations (administrative and law enforcement), accredited CERTs, finance organizations and trusted parties and organizations with a strong relation or partnership to the aforementioned. Due to the sensitive topics and the nature of the participants and speakers we will have a vetting process for participants. We’d like to know our audience, so that we all can talk freely and openly during the event.

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Last Reminder – the DeepSec 2015 Call for Papers closes today!

René Pfeiffer/ July 30, 2015/ Call for Papers, Conference

Take advantage of our Call for Papers! We can’t believe that all the devices, networks, services, and shiny things around us are completely secure. Once it got Wi-Fi, a SIM card, memory, or a processor there is bound to be an accident. It’s not just hunting rifles, jeeps, currencies, experts, and airplanes that can be hacked. There is more. Tell us! Don’t let the IT crowd of today repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. Submit a two-day training and help to save some souls! We are especially interested in secure application development, intrusion detection/prevention, penetration testing, crypto & secure communication, mobiles devices, the Internet of Things, security intelligence, wireless hacking (Wi-Fi, mobile networks, …), forensics, and your workshop that really knocks the socks off our attendees! Drop your training submission into our CfP manager!

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DeepSec 2015 – „Cyber“ Call for Papers is online!

René Pfeiffer/ May 28, 2015/ Call for Papers

The Call for Papers of DeepSec 2015 is open! We are looking for your presentation and your in-depth training to add to our schedule. There has been a lot of activity in the past six months with regards to information security. Given the cultural and political impact of vulnerable code there are ample topics to talk about and to teach. Cryptography has its place in the limelight since the high impact but with a cute logo. Getting cryptography right has been the problem of developers and academics since decades. Now everyone knows about it. So if you have some research on encryption, authentication, and secure communication in general, send us your thoughts along with your submission. Protecting your infrastructure is harder than ever before. Once upon a time only your servers and classic clients used

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DeepINTEL 2015 – How to deal with (Industrial) Espionage

René Pfeiffer/ May 15, 2015/ Call for Papers, Security Intelligence

The DeepINTEL event in September will have a strong focus on a specific kind of intelligence. We will address the issue of espionage. Given the headlines of the past six months it is clear that companies are subject to spying. There is no need for euphemisms any more. Even with half of the information published on this matter, there is no way to deny it. Since the trading of data is a lucrative business, the issue won’t go away. So if you run a company or an organisation, then you might want to deal with risks and threats before they deal with you. DeepINTEL is focused on security intelligence. Few CISOs and CEOs have a grasp what this really means. It is much more than doing risks analysis or threat assessment. As we have

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Reminder for the DeepINTEL Call for Papers

René Pfeiffer/ February 1, 2015/ Administrivia, Call for Papers

At the opening of DeepSec 2014 we announced the next DeepINTEL to be in Spring 2015. We have now finalised the date. DeepINTEL 2015 will take place on 11 / 12 May 2015, and it will be held in Vienna. The call for papers, already announced at the opening of last year’s DeepSec, is still open. We are looking for your submissions. Since we want to address security intelligence, we like to know everything about threats, risk assessment, metrics that give you an idea what you really see, forensics, and improvements on the way to detect and defend. We are definitely not interested in presentations about the cyber hype. We want to hear about real sabotage, real compromised systems; you know, reality and all that. Please make sure to send your ideas to cfp

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BSidesVienna 2014 – Call for Papers still open

René Pfeiffer/ August 27, 2014/ Call for Papers, Conference

BSidesVienna is back! And the organisation team is looking for talks. BSidesVienna was started in 2011. There were some smaller BSides-like events in Vienna in the past two years. BSidesVienna 2014 is planned for the 22 November 2014 (right after DeepSec 2014). The call for papers will close on 30 September 2014, so if you have interesting stuff you want to show onstage, then submit it to the BSidesVienna team. You can’t keep a good con down… so let’s have fun and infosec talks at BSidesVienna 2014!

Reviewing all your Submissions for DeepSec 2014

René Pfeiffer/ August 1, 2014/ Administrivia, Conference

The Call for Papers of DeepSec 2014 officially ended yesterday. We are currently reviewing all your submissions and will publish the preliminary schedule in the course of the next two weeks. As always, you did a very good job of finding things to break and to exploit. Our choice what to include in the schedule will be pretty hard! For those who still have bright ideas and no time to submit, please send us your abstracts as soon as possible! We will consider everything submitted so far first, but we will take your proposals into account. You just need to tell us.

Reminder: Call for Papers DeepSec 2014

René Pfeiffer/ July 3, 2014/ Call for Papers, Conference

The Call for Papers of DeepSec 2014 is still open. Since its motto is the power of knowledge we address everyone having knowledge. Information is the „cyber“ weapon of the 21rst century, we have heard. So if you know about the 0day that affects half the Internet, you should definitely think about presenting it at DeepSec 2014. ☻ Seriously, we have chosen this motto, because a lot of issues in information security deal with knowledge. If your IT staff knows about the latest threats, the capabilities of the defences, the state of the systems, and how to deal with problems, then you have a distinct advantage. Not knowing is usually the first step of running into problems. In this tradition we prefer disclosure of security-related knowledge. The dreaded CVE-2014-0160 is a good example. Imagine OpenSSL

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DeepSec 2014 “The Power of Knowledge” – Call for Papers

René Pfeiffer/ May 5, 2014/ Call for Papers

After a couple of months tinkering behind the scenes we can finally open our Call for Papers for DeepSec 2014! The upcoming DeepSec 2014 will be in November at our well-known conference hotel. We accept submissions as of now, and we are keen to hear your ideas. To give you some thoughts on what we are looking for: DeepSec 2014 is all about the Power of Knowledge! The past years have shown that knowledge is a true „cyber“ weapon. Everyone recalling the endless discussions about full/responsible/no/delayed disclosure of bugs affecting the security of IT systems can relate to the power of knowledge. Other might not be so lucky and grasp what knowledge means when turned into exploits and compromised systems. This is why we want your contribution to DeepSec 2014 centred around knowledge. Let’s

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DeepINTEL 2014 – 3rd Security Intelligence Conference – Call for Papers is open!

René Pfeiffer/ November 21, 2013/ Administrivia, Call for Papers, Security Intelligence

Good news everyone, there will be a DeepINTEL conference in 2014, and we are looking for presentations! DeepINTEL 2014 will be held in September at the same location as in 2013. This single track two day event addresses mainly critical infrastructure, state organizations (administrative and law enforcement), accredited CERTs, finance organizations and trusted parties and organizations with a strong relation or partnership to the aforementioned. Due to the sensitive topics and the nature of the participants and speakers we will have a vetting process for participants. We’d like to know our audience, so that we all can talk freely and openly during the event. If you have questions on this, please contact us directly via or the contact information given on our web site. Here is the Call for Papers for DeepINTEL 2014:

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