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OpenPGP.conf is calling for Content

Published on July 30, 2016 By lynx

If you don’t know what PGP means (or GPG), you should consult your favourite search engine. While it has a bad reputation for its usability, it is a lot more useful than the rumours might suggest (please attend your local CryptoParty chapter for more details). This is why the German Unix Users Group organises an OpenPGP.conf […]

Protect your Metadata

Published on June 9, 2013 By lynx

In the light of the recent news about the collection of call detail records (CDR) the term metadata has come up. Unfortunately the words cyber, virtual, and meta are used quite often – even as a disguise  to hide information when not being used in a technical context. We have heard about all things cyber […]

Talk: Design and Implementation of a Secure Encryption-Layer for Skype Voice-Calls

Published on October 14, 2011 By lynx

You probably use communication tools that transport the voice/messaging data over the Internet. We’re not speaking about e-mail, but about recent software of the information age – Skype. Skype is widely used for audio/video chats around the world. Its security is shrouded in proprietary mystery and many urban legends exist. In 2006 Philippe Biondi and […]

Encrypted Communication with DeepSec

Published on September 4, 2011 By lynx

For all of you who do not pay close attention to our contact section on our web site, we offer various way to communicate via encrypted messages. We have published two GPG keys, one for our role account (key 0x22860969)  and one for a person from our organisation team (key 0x6E4037AF). Use PGP/MIME format if […]