A „Cool War“ is not cool

René Pfeiffer/ June 18, 2012/ Discussion, High Entropy

The term „Cyberwar“ carries a dark fascination. Most people think of it as „war lite“. You get all the benefits of a real war, but the casualties are limited to bits, bytes and maybe pixels. No one dies, only the targets get destroyed. This sounds too clean to be true. There is even an article called „Cool War“ that glorifies the concept of digital battles even further. The author suggests that a cool war could prevent a „real“ armed conflict by digital preemptive strikes. The good news is that a preemptive cyber attack on the military command-and-control systems of two countries getting ready to fight a “real war” might give each side pause before going into the fight. In this instance, the hackers mounting such attacks should probably publicize their actions — perhaps even

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