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Talk: Identity X.0 – Securing the Insecure

Published on October 10, 2011 By René Pfeiffer

Identities are important. You might already know this, but in the times of heavily meshed web applications and users moving between different web sites keeping track of a client’s identity can be difficult. Moreover it’s not just about identities but also about transporting account/user attributes by various protocols and standards between various applications. You might […]

Mobile Security and authTokens

Published on May 17, 2011 By René Pfeiffer

Recently we mentioned the topic of mobile security in this blog since it keeps being addressed by security researchers. Now there’s something that can be combined by networking, defective by design and mobile security. German security researcher from the University of Ulm have explored a flaw in Google’s ClientLogin protocol. The initial idea stems from […]

Have an app and share your data!

Published on May 11, 2011 By René Pfeiffer

Apps are all the fashion. You can download them, and you can add them to web sites (such as your blog) including your favourite social network. Facebook has introduced applications back in 2007. If you want to tie an application to your account, the code needs to have proper credentials in order to connect an […]