DeepSec 2020 Talk: Security Model Of Endpoint Devices – Martin Kacer

Sanna/ September 1, 2020/ Conference

Have you ever asked these questions? You are using the latest mobile and using your laptop with the latest and patched OS, running antivirus: Do you need to worry about security? Isn’t there still something broken in the entire security and permission model? Why can the desktop application, that is not an internet browser, access and communicate by using any IP address? Why can the application access your whole filesystem and collect the files from there? Why can an android app with internet permission communicate using any arbitrary IP, even a private one? Why can the app communicate by using different domains? Isn’t the app market ecosystem creating a friendly environment for botnets? This talk will shed some light on these issues and propose some mitigation strategy. We have asked Martin a few more

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The Antivirus-Virus Conundrum

René Pfeiffer/ February 15, 2011/ Security

Last week the EU’s statistics office published statistical data about the state of anti-virus protection and virus infections. According to the figures nearly a third of Europe’s PCs carry some kind of malware. Although it is difficult to assess the accuracy or methods of studies, this figure is hardly surprising. Anyone who has ever dealt with filtering messages, web content or any other data entering the perimeter of your network knows about the positives and negatives, be them false or true. The problem starts with UBE/UCE (a.k.a. spam) filtering and continues right into the domain of malware. Just as their biological counterparts a computer malware, indiscriminately called virus, changes its shape and flavour. We had a talk from Joan Calvet about the Tripoux project. They analyse malware packers. If you have seen the branch

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