Articles about DeepSec 2011

René Pfeiffer/ November 22, 2011/ Conference, Press

We have some more articles for you. Apparently the talks of our speakers raised a few eyebrows. Most of the articles are in German. Dradio: Das sichere Auto ist ein Mythos Interview with Mariann Unterluggauer about impressions from DeepSec 2011 and the myth of automobile security. Dradio: Nur scheinbare Datensicherheit This is a second article published on the Deutschlandfunk web site features Duncan’s talk and bugs in security software. Ö1: Können Hacker Autos fernsteuern? „Can hackers remotely control cars?“ Well, given the current design and lack of security they probably will do so in time for DeepSec 2012. Ö1: Make Cyberpeace, not Cyberwar. Ein Bericht von der DeepSec The topic of cyber warfare is still hot. Wie Terroristen verschlüsseln – Digitale Spuren kaum verwischt The Neuer Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) has a comment about Duncan’s

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