DeepSec 2022 Talk: End-to-end Health Data Privacy Using Secure 5G Data Channels – Dr. Razvan Bocu

Sanna/ August 30, 2022/ Conference

The integrated collection of personal health data represents a relevant research topic, which is enhanced further by the development of next generation mobile networks that can be used in order to transport the gained medical data. The gathering of personal health data has become recently workable using relevant wearable personal devices. Nevertheless, these devices do not possess sufficient computational power, and do not offer proper local data storage capabilities. This paper presents an integrated personal health metrics data management system, which considers a virtualized symmetric 5G data transportation system. The personal health data is gained using a client application component, which is normally deployed on the user’s mobile device, regardless if it is a smartphone, smartwatch, or another kind of personal mobile device. The collected data is securely transported to the cloud data processing

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