DeepSec 2013 Talk: Future Banking And Financial Attacks

René Pfeiffer/ November 7, 2013/ Conference, Security

Hey, you! Want to know a secret? Your adversaries are after money. Taken the „cyber shoot-outs“ of governments aside, no sophisticated attack happens without economical benefits. Attackers don’t care where the money comes from. However they care for efficiency. They do not compromise web server after web server to hope for some loot which can be turned into profit. Instead they go after the places where people store and move their money. Financial institutions have been battling attacks against their customers and their infrastructure since their services entered the Internet. It’s an arms race, and if you are involved you need to keep up. We are proud to have Konstantinos Karagiannis at DeepSec 2013 talking about the future of banking and financial attacks. Advanced User Enumeration and DDoS Every attack needs a proper target.

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