Talk: Human Factors Engineering for IT Security

René Pfeiffer/ October 7, 2011/ Conference

Members of IT staff love acronyms such as RTFM, PEBKAC, PICNIC and ID-10T error. These will often be mentioned when human factors are playing a key role. If you dig deeper and analyse typical situations where human errors are involved, then you will have to deal with user interfaces (UIs) and technical documentation. It’s easy to blame operators (it doesn’t matter if you look at end user, power users or IT staff) even if UIs or manuals have failed before the human erred. This is exactly why the talk Human Factors Engineering for IT Security of Peter Wolkerstorfer (Center of Usability Research and Engineering, CURE) will focus on the human factor in the context of operating security tools by UI. The user is often the weakest link in the chain and this fact has to

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