Talk: Identity X.0 – Securing the Insecure

René Pfeiffer/ October 10, 2011/ Conference

Identities are important. You might already know this, but in the times of heavily meshed web applications and users moving between different web sites keeping track of a client’s identity can be difficult. Moreover it’s not just about identities but also about transporting account/user attributes by various protocols and standards between various applications. You might remember Microsoft Wallet/Passport which is now Windows Live ID. OpenID defines an open standard about authenticating an user by using a decentralized architecture. OAuth is another open standard, handling authorization and it is widely used by small and large organizations such as Yahoo! and Twitter. So where’s the security? How resilient are these protocols against attacks? Khash Kiani will address these questions in his presentation titled Identity X.0 – Securing the Insecure. His talk focuses on some of these

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