Talk: Data Exfiltration – not just for Hollywood

René Pfeiffer/ June 18, 2011/ Security

Iftach Ian Amit discusses infiltration of networks and exfiltration of data. Imagine you have completed the infiltration, data targeting and acquisition phase. You have secured the data you were looking for. Now what? How do you get to „your“ data out of highly secured environments? You need to avoid data loss protection (DLP) tools, avoid IPS/IDS, avoid updating your payload frequently, need to design a control channel that can handle disconnected operation. The data itself needs to be protected from filters or pattern matching sensors. SSL/TLS comes to mind, but some infrastructures terminate SSL at proxies and inspect content. End-to-end encryption is a better method if combined with content obfuscation (there are patter matches for GPG/PGP and other ways, too). Transport needs to use a covert or back channel. This can be a talk page of

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