DeepINTEL 2012 – Preliminary Schedule

René Pfeiffer/ July 3, 2012/ Administrivia, Schedule

This is the preliminary schedule of the first DeepINTEL seminar taking place in September 2012. We have more talks in the pipeline and the final decision won’t be long. Bear in mind that we will receive some additional information for some of the abstracts soon. The registration for DeepINTEL is online, too. If you are interested in attending DeepINTEL, please get in touch with us (you know, the vetting process and such). Please note that all further updates will be published at the main DeepINTEL web site. You will also find the speaker’s biographies there. Preventing and Detecting Mass-Malware and Advanced Threats (Tom “c-APT-ure” Ueltschi) Your organization has firewalls, network IDS/IPS, anti-virus on multiple layers, maybe even HIPS, hardening and patching done and feels pretty safe and secure. But lots of companies and organisations

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